Who am I?

When you say name Matěj Horák, you can expect person, who has many activities and interests. Definitely my aim in life is making the world better. How? Apart from writing the code, organizing events with GDG and playing the guitar, I try to live every day as good as possible.


Since my childhood I've found computers very interesting and thanks to programming I can create many new things as websites, mobile applications or smart hidden tools. Do I want to create artificial intelligence? Not at all, I think that full-featured AI is bad. However, small forms of AI are OK.

When I learned some new programming technologies I've found communities very helpful. I feel the duty to reciprocate it so I'm organizer in Google Developer Group in Czech Republic.


I play the electric guitar. It's my favourite hobby because during the playing I can clear my head. I'm playing in the small band. I don't have favourites genres but my favourite bands are Simple Plan, Paramore and Nickelback.


No time for it but it's one of the parts of my entertainment. I like games as Age of Empires, Rayman, Life is Strange and MMORPG SWTOR...


In development I like to develop Android Apps in Java language, websites and desktop applications in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. During development I prefer Test Driven Development and clean code practices.


Android Development




TDD & Clean Code

Get In Touch.

If you want to ask me about my person, projects or some technology please use this email: info@horm.cz

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