Matěj "Horm" Horák

Matěj Horák

I'm software developer, GDG organizer or just a man who likes technologies. You may know my nickname Horm but I'm not sure if you know something about me. So let's start scrolling or click on some links below to see some new about me!

Who am I?

When you say name Matěj Horák, you can expect person, who has many activities and interests. Hard to say what is my aim in life but I just want to help somehow and be happy. How? Apart from writing the code, organizing events with GDG and playing the guitar, I try to live every day as good as possible.

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Since my childhood I've found computers very interesting and thanks to programming I can create many new things as websites, mobile applications or smart hidden tools.

When I learned some new programming technologies I've found communities very helpful. I feel the duty to reciprocate it so I'm organizer in Google Developer Group in Czech Republic.


I play the electric guitar. It's my favourite hobby because during the playing I can clear my head. I'm playing in the small band. I don't have favourites genres but my favourite bands are Simple Plan, Paramore and Coldplay.

Sport Lover

Not like a professional but sport is one important part of my free time. Minimally once a week I play floorbal and go jogging. For transport in a city usually I go by skateboard.


I have some experience with many technologies, frameworks, parts of development but these are my favourites. In any case, I prefer Test Driven Development and clean code practices like functional concepts.


I can develop in Java but I think there is no reason for that. Kotlin is good in using different paradigms such as functional or object oriented programming etc.


Freedom but responsibility, that's the rule. It's not about types. I like Javascript because it's not necessary to write so many keywords to simple object or function...


Is there someone who is using some other VCS tool? I'm big open source fan. You can check my GitHub to see some my open source contributions...


I have experience with developing native Android and iOS applications. What about web? For now, only AngularJS yet. However, my bachelor work will be in React.


ExpressJS, Spring or Firebase but I do not prefer Firebase as backend solution.


If I can, I'm writing tests. It's not possible to have 100% code coverage but tests help you with safe refactoring, adding new features and testing your implementations.

Active in Community

Since I have started to study programming I wanted to visit some space where is possible share our knowledge and learn from each other. Luckily I have found GDG community in Czechia and after one month I joined this community, concretely I have created local chapter in Žďár nad Sázavou.

Now, I am active in GDG Brno. We organized many types of events like talks, workshops, coding dojos or conference DevFest. I was mentoring Angular Workshop and in 2017 I attended Google I/O in Mountain View.

  • Organizing events in Brno

    Organizer of GDG Brno

    Talks, Workshops, Coding Dojos...
  • Me in Silicon Valley

    Google I/O

    Me in Silicon Valley...
  • Mentoring A2 Workshop

    Angular Workshop Mentor

    I helped with Angular workshop...
  • Me and DevFest

    DevFest Conference

    I helped with DevFest in Pilsen and twice in Prague...

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